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war•ri•or: a brave or experienced soldier or fighter

At Cancer Hates Laughter our principal mission is to help make laughter more accessible to those experiencing cancer in and around Denver, Colorado.  Our membership community is comprised of cancer caregivers and individuals who have experienced a personal cancer diagnosis. We respect that you may not identify as a warrior when talking about your experience. Regardless of how you identify with your experience, we are honored to share this space with you.


Why Laughter?

At CHL we understand the emotional upheaval and potential life disruption that comes with cancer news.  We understand because we've been there.  Whether you are navigating your own diagnosis or caring for a loved one living with the disease chances are you could use a break.  There are countless benefits to using laughter as a tool in coping with cancer:

      • Decreases stress-related hormones
      • Increase blood flow to our heart
      • Reduces inflammation
      • Helps decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety

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