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Supporting local & fellow warriors

Grateful to these Helpers (AKA: Funny Boners)

The following businesses have been instrumental in helping us create and build Cancer Hates Laughter.

Sara Krish

Founder, Cancer Warrior Foundation

Sara has been a heartful mentor and enthusiastic supporter from day one.

Kim Counes

Principal Designer, Post Atelier

Kim brought her design magic to the table and created our awesome logo and mark.

Kelsey Taveira

Positive Vibes Cancer Foundation

Kelsey T. shared her stories, strength, and resources.

Kelsey Wittenberg

Art Director

Kelsey W. volunteered her time and expertise to create our awesome posters.

Shanty Town Design

Sam and her team not only created this website they continue to listen, guide and creatively support us as our mission evolves.


Josh and the Givebox organization provide a platform making it easier to raise funds and keep track. Driven by passion and a desire to make this a better world.