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Women are magnificent beings.

Their bodies birth babies. Their hugs and kisses heal. Their gentle voices soothe.

They create businesses out of passion and lead teams with their heart. They run households. They raise humans. They nurture relationships and deepen connections.

They do and give and push and fight with everything they have.

It’s the beautiful way of a woman.

And yet in all her divinity she can find herself lost in the throws of hardship like that of a cancer diagnosis. No matter her mystical powers something happens deep down inside a woman’s soul when she is hit with such tragedy and the inner workings of HER begin to shift – slowly, mysteriously – until the woman she knew so intimately fades somewhere into the background. Her truths morph into uncertainties and her thoughts become sourced from fear. She can no longer feel her desires, voice her dreams, or connect deeply to her physical body.

This experience is the lonely, dark existence of cancer and I know it well.

At 30 years old I lived inside the darkness of cervical cancer. I held a broken heart for what could no longer be. I felt intense grief for the life I planned and would not create. I knew my mortality and felt death at my fingertips. I was chiseled away and broken apart. I faced fear-filled unknowns and the frustrating impatience for certainty. I became desperate for comfort and yearned for familiarity. And the list of cancer’s impact goes on and on…

Two years following my diagnosis and fueled by my personal journey through the darkness I created Cancer Warrior Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to helping young women with cancer set their soul on fire. Using the tools and wisdom I had discovered, I was determined to help women like me cultivate an abundance of light in their life at a quicker pace and with a strong sisterhood at their side.

What took me years to find is now made available with a click of a button. As a Cancer Warrior member our women receive access to yoga and meditation apps, a private online discussion board, monthly workshops and gatherings, healing immersions, and private coaching. CWF sees the whole woman moving through cancer and strives to nourish all of her – mind, body and soul. It is inside the safety and encouragement of our tribe that she begins to remember the magnificent woman that she is and all that she desires.

Sara Krish / CWF Founder

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