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Polite Tumor’s mission is to provide financial assistance to women under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. When financial assistance comes with strings attached, the message is “we know what you need more than you know what you need.” Polite Tumor challenges that model. What we know is that cancer is expensive, that every woman’s needs are different, and that no one can foresee the financial obstacles that will be thrown their way. We’re giving women the opportunity to look beyond their diagnosis and their treatment, we’re providing the freedom to heal – however they define it.

Hi! I’m Elissa. In December of 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 31 and focused on things that young people do like planning my next vacation, updating my bitmoji, and kicking ass at work. After sorting through the reality that yep, I had breast cancer, I decided to do what any aging millennial would do; I started a blog. My goal was to keep people informed and in the process of doing so, I found much more. Gratitude, sadness, reality, frustration, and above all else, humor – my guiding light through the ugliness.

How could I ever tell people how much their support meant to me? What words could I conjure to express the level of deep appreciation I have for their love and generosity? As I began to collect these thoughts and write thank you cards, the idea for Polite Tumor was born.

We’re a group of young creatives, directly and indirectly impacted by breast cancer, combining our hilarious jokes and witty banter with pretty cards and beautiful design.

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